An Ant Is an Example

Why do you have to
Make same mistake again
Why not learn from experience
And escape avoidable pain

Habits die hard
So it is said
Without genuine efforts
Sure you are misled

An ant is an example
Of how to conquer mind
Human is a living being
Of the highest known kind
Climbing up the wall
Ant repeatedly falls down
Meekly tries again
Without fret or frown
Giving up your goals
Well within control
Not achieving success
Is demeaning your soul.

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Path of Your Choice

Sadly he sat on the stony stool
Late evening at beach was quiet and cool
Slow waves hissed whispering sounds
He was alone, not a soul around

Were his dreams ever bright and clear
He in haze, struggled in a maize
Never desired so strong that he could swear
Regret in his eyes; his head he couldn’t raise

How was he responsible for what he did
He made others wiser but remained a foolish kid
Life is like that or so it was ordained
Looking back made him sad but caused no pain

Life is a journey on the path you choose
Wayward roads lead nowhere everything you loose

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He was anxious and tense
Hurried driving didn’t make sense
As distance was small time enough
Without second thought he was riding rough

Suddenly he saw an urchin run
Across the road in haste or fun
A speeding car hit him hard
The urchin was over-run

The accident had its impact
Though he was slow to react,
An omen so bleak and dark
On the judgement day bled
He shuddered with thought
Of what lay ahead

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Carve out your path

Enhance your vision
Look afar
Develop proper perspective
Let short gains
Not mar
Possibilities that await
Your way
Wasted opportunity
Spoils the day
Greet every moment
With respect it needs
Carve out your path
Through thorny weeds
Healthy attitude
To life entails
Fighting fore front
Never showing your tails

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Have faith and confidence
Enmity with none you pray
All humans are your friends
No one will betray

Yet basic characteric of life
You don’t ever forget
No one will stand by you
When danger to life is met

Some may honour
Commitment loyalty
They are good they are great
But goodness is crushed under life’s own weight

All your habits
Your policy must always depend
People secure their interests first
Their own life they must defend

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Sitting here on the table round
Memories come and go, in my mind abound
Sweet memories make my heart glow
Bitter ones to my spirits blow
Could I ever develop such special skill
Making memories dance at my will
Lock the unwanted cluster in a disk
Keeping out of sight without any risk

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Active and Light

Preserve your body active and light
Keeps you cheerful, your attitude bright
It demands definitive efforts sustained
Discipline in food must be maintained

Take fruits and fresh vegetables green
Your face will glow and skin so clean
Futile Fatty foods you must avoid
Let energy of foods be fully employed

Exercising is a must, make it your routine

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Know your subject wide and deep
Offer facility to give a smarter peep
Interaction alone can fill up the gap
That’s your efforts’ very first lap
Smiling countenance with warm loving tone
Genuine concern for your audience shown
Modulated, illustrative presentation sweet
Desired response, it is bound to meet
Winning them over is your objective first
Generate among them a Sympathetic Trust
Clients’ success should be your principle prime
Your success indeed will be tested by time
Work hard to develop a superior technique
Presentation for clients may be an experience unique
Winning situation for all where no one may loose
Open option to buy only if they choose

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Let all those who care, who believe
In God together they join to usher in peace
Let sacred divine bells ring
Solemn songs; let them sing

Filling healing faith in the air
Let hatred n’ vengeance melt in scare
Civil society left dark ages behind
Deal it must with dissidence of any kind

Let all forces of freedom unite
Spreading justice improving plight
Strength of resolve no one may shake

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Evil mind creating a cowardly crowd
Misleading innocent victims; feeling proud
Hate connived with vengeance unkind
Thwarting compassion turning humans blind
Fake valour combined with foolish pride
Digging craters of hate where horror abide

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