Ego is your own-grown-enemy
Aptly known
Can turn friends into foes
Enmity is grown
Doesn’t allow you to view things
In perspective right
Brings unexpected darkness
In environment bright

There are no categories of ego
That can be learnt
No known medicine with which
Its germs can be burnt
Conquer you ego
Or control its role
Should you fail to do that
Ego will take its toll

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Economics of Joy

An economist talks of money and wealth
Taking good care of the nation’s health
Economics of joy, no one would speak
Lack of happiness makes humanity weak

I long for a breed of economists of joy
Each dedicating himself and all his ploy
Planning economy of joy; seeing it grow
Seeds of love in every field they must sow

Happiness helps creating a bond of love
Keeping differences at bay, healthy relations above

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Write a Poem

Write a poem
When you have something to say
Message must touch the heart
Never equate with a child’s play

Restriction on the subject
You may never need
Whatever kindles your mind
Your heart may lead

Humans should think
Before any action they may take
Write a sound song
For Heaven’s sake

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Spirit of Freedom

Routes are many
Final destination is the same
Only one Universal Force
Give it any name
Our earth has shrunk
Divide it no more
Spread message of love
Let humanity score

Battles were fought
And wars were won
In the name of order
Justice undone

Those ages ‘re left behind
Let them stay
Spirit of Freedom
Be the order of the day

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Noble Cause

Selfless deeds for a noble cause
Win support and all-round applause
Days will bring joy; nights good sleep
Ability will shine; vision grow deep
Consistent keen efforts in sunshine or rain
Bringing better results letting nothing in vain
Good results will help accentuate your faith
Maintaining your progress; You will never be late
Positive thoughts will fill all your brain
Making you wiser, smarter and sane

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Conquer Your Faults

The only way to turn a new leaf
Is to strengthen your faith and your belief
Shortfalls of intentions present or past
Controlling these now, slowly or fast
Depends only on how much you’re keen
Intentions are fine but action must be seen
Faith in yourself would carry out your task
Help from Almighty you must always ask
Your God is present, indeed, in your soul
Beseech Him, and sure, He will play His role
Success in turn will knock your door
Offence or guilt will not disturb anymore

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Budgeting help the poor survive
For the successful, it is front drive
More often than not, plans have failed
With bad budgets had coffins nailed

For all items in detail prepare a list
Outside your budget, don’t open your fist
Delete such subjects you can do without
When you try hard sure you will find out

For bigger projects go through time and again
Efforts bring profits, they will never go in vain

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Learn to daydream
Easy it may seem
Not so when you try
Your spirits may go dry

Intensity of desire
Blasts a burning fire
Concentrating on your goal
You awaken your sleeping soul

That’s when you begin to see
In the sky or deep below the sea
Object of your pursuit
Glory worthy of salute

Darkness of the night
Brings celestial sight
Then in the light of the day
Your dreams come to play

Fortune is hurled on you
Your dreams really come true

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War of Words

Knowledge gives a power so unique
Enables to grasp your opponent’s technique
Closer look informs how you must attack
Defuse all his arguments and return his pack

Specialists and consultants have to work hard
To assist their clients and help their wards
Patient pursuits of projects deep
Rich fruits as results these reap

Meticulous plan with details defined
You blind your opponent’s mind
Relations you make or you may mar
Remember of words, it’s always a war

Use your strength for it is your test
Come out a winner doing your best

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Irani Cafe Owner

Constantly he counted coins as if to play
Customers queued, kept coming to pay
Each holding little bill with nothing to say
Fifty years on the same seat only dream could stay

Curved bamboo chairs around small tables round
Black Burmese wood indeed carved furniture sound
Wide tall showcase behind the counter displayed
Buns, biscuits and brushes with other daily aids

Nothing really changed all these long years
Stale boredom had dried up all his tears
He lost his mother when he was too young
His dumb father died without opening his tongue

No one else in town he could claim his own
Customers came daily little consideration ever shown

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